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Replica Pokemon Distribution Unit


The Pokemon Distribution Units haven't been seen since 2001. 23 years of these units being around somewhere in a Nintendo warehouse. Rumours unbound that they utilise a modified Super Famicom with a Super Game Boy, or had specially designed proprietary software that could transfer a Pokémon to a cartridge without the need to trade a Pokémon from the player; perhaps a custom PC. As of 2024, the location of special Mew/Celebi distribution machines is still unknown.

Until now... (sort of)

Introducing the RPDU. A replica being as close to the original PDU as possible, with a "modern"-ish monitor and upgraded internals.

The unit is hand built, made out of reclaimed materials and reuses obsolete hardware to prevent e-waste. This makes it a fantastic machine to play retro games on.

• Intel Celeron J1900
• Onboard Graphics

Every Bootlegzie product is hand-built, painted and packed by our team. Please allow 1-2 weeks from order for production and shipping.

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