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LiDAR Video Model Service

Introduce your products in a unique way with our LiDAR video model service. Our scan captures every detail and translates it into a 360° video so your potential customers can fully view your product on their phones or computers. Our affordable service is perfect for improving your marketing and extending your reach. The price is for a single scan and video model.

As standard, we cover a 50-mile radius from Northampton town centre (NN1) for our LiDAR operator(s), so you can be sure to get the coverage you need. If you're further away, we can cover a further distance using the drop-down menu.

Whether you need a video embedded on your website or for your marketing campaigns, Contact us now to schedule your LiDAR Video Model Survey and elevate your product to new heights.

To see a video of our LiDAR model service in action, check out Game Verifying's home page:

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