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Eurotek UT40 4 Tonne 2-Post Lift

Introducing the Eurotek UT40, the perfect 2-post lift for new garages or those on a tight budget. With a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a lifting time of 45 seconds, this electro-hydraulic lift has been designed with quality and affordability in mind. You'll love its sleek black and red colour scheme, and with a noise level of under 70dB it won't be a disturbance in your workshop. The UT40 is tested and certified to UKCA and CE standards, giving you peace of mind. With features like semi-automatic arm locking, low voltage control panel, height-limit safety switch, and anti-toe trap bars, this lift is must-have for any garage.

The Eurotek UT40 is provided with:

• Single-height screw pads at 110mm
• Lifting height of 1910mm
• 2 stage arms
• Semi-automatic arm locking
• Height-limit safety switch
• Anti-toe trap bars
• Low voltage control panel
• Anti surge valves
• Fanless motor

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