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Eurotek MRS3 3 Tonne Mobile Scissor Lift

Introducing the budget-friendly and efficient Eurotek MRS3 mobile mid-rise car scissor lift! Designed to lift up to 3.0-tonne vehicles with ease, this lift operates on 240v and comes with a 12-month parts only warranty. With a short platform and lifting height of 1000mm in under 30 seconds, it's perfect for servicing a wide range of vehicles. The 24v locking system eliminates the need for an air compressor, while the control unit doubles as the main mobility hook for greater convenience. Boasting a low profile of just 105mm when lowered, this scissor lift also comes with a set of 40mm rubber lifting blocks as standard.

If you have a limited height-workshop and require every precious millimetre, this lift can also be recessed to increase your lifting height by 105mm.

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