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Vehicle Display 4-Post Lift MOT Ramp (1:32 Scale)


This is a free-standing display stand for the LEGO Speed Champions line of LEGO cars, Scalextric and Carrera 1:32 scale slot cars; designed and 3D printed in-house using PLA+ material.

This is NOT compatible with our 1:43 exhibition units, we have a seperate listing available for this.

Other reproduction/MOC's/third-party cars may not fit this display lift - please keep this in mind before your purchase.

The display will be shipped un-assembled, please glue the platforms to the 4x posts as level as possible. The platform buffers can be used to amend the lifting height of your model. As these are made to order, please note that dispatch times may vary dependent on stock levels.

Spare column caps, buffers and run-on ramps are available at a flat-rate in other colours, add these to basket to further customise your order.

Primary colours are based on the lift platforms, secondary colours are based on the lift columns.

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